There are two questions given to us in the Bible that not only show what the gospel is, but also what we are to do once we hear the gospel.

Question #1

Who do you say I am?

Jesus asked this of his disciples and variations of this question were asked and answered by various people in the accounts of Jesus’s life. It remains the most important question that can be answered by a human.

The correct answer is given by Simon Peter, recognized by most as the leader of the disciples, “You are the Christ”. If you’ve never heard this before, a little explanation is needed.

The Christ is the anointed messenger, the one appointed to be a savior for the Jews. The Christ is also prophesied to be a covenant for the people, to bring salvation and forgiveness of sins, and to redeem Israel from its sin. Jesus Christ does all of this, and more, just as was written of Him. 

Why would the Jews need saving? Simply put, they had sinned against God. They knew that God is the Creator. They knew that man had been made sinless, but had fallen in sin, and that all humanity is guilty of sin. They knew that with sin, no one could enter God’s presence nor receive the inheritance given to those who obeyed God. They knew that God commanded them to “be holy, as I am holy.” And they knew they weren’t holy.

They knew because God had revealed His law to them, and they were constantly giving sacrifices for forgiveness of sin. They knew because they did not reign over the land promised to their fathers on condition of Israel being faithful to God.


The Christ, or Messiah, was to remedy all of this and to restore the land and the throne to Israel.

He did. Just not as they imagined it.

Jesus Christ is the anointed One, the Messiah. He is “the bread of life”, “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world”, “One with the Father”. He is one who has a “kingdom not of this world”, and who “lays down his life” for sinners. He is the eternal King. He is one who is without sin, born of a virgin.

This Christ is arrested by the Jews, taken to the Roman authorities, and crucified on false charges. He is buried in a tomb. And on the third day, He rose again to life. He ascended to heaven where He sits, enthroned.

We are all sinners- just like the Jews to whom Christ came. We are unholy, unworthy to be in God’s presence. We are all to be cast away into the outer darkness because of our sins. We are lost.

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Question #2

What must I do to be saved?

When faced with their sin at Pentecost, a few weeks after Christ’s death and resurrection, the Jewish crowd hears Peter publicly declare that Jesus is both Lord and Christ. The people are cut to the heart. They know their sinfulness. They are confronted with their part in the crucifiction of Jesus. Their response to Peter may echo your own: “What must we do to be saved?”

“Repent and be baptized” was Peter’s answer.

Repent. This word carries a lot of meaning. In order to repent, one must turn away from their path, and begin in the opposite direction. Instead of sinfully running away from God, we are to run toward Him. 

None will do this without believing that Jesus is both Lord and Christ. We must understand that Jesus is One who saves His people from their sins through His death. Those who believe will seek Him as Lord, which is to say, they will follow Him. They will confess their sin and confess their repentance from that sin.

God gives us a promise in scripture: in faith, if we “confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us”. That is quite a promise. It is a promise of a durable cleanliness and holiness. Instead of any righteousness we could create on our own, we receive Christ’s righteousness. We are given entry into heaven, and are spared the destruction of those who die in their sins.

This is what sinners are saved from through faith in Christ.

Do you see your sin, those times where you have denied God’s commands?

Do you feel your unworthiness to stand before Him at your death? 

Are you ready to repent and believe in Christ?

We pray you are. We pray you will contact us and ask to speak with us about salvation, about this Christ. We desire to see you be saved, to repent and believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.